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Max Dunn suggested in his appeal leaflet of 1960, when raising funds to buy 58926 in 1961, that the 'Coal Tank' was a 'gentle and homely relic of a more tranquil age'.

But what do others think…?

"It represents a style of economically motivated engineering designs that demonstrates perfection in fitness-for-purpose as a mixed traffic locomotive; an important survivor of one of the several designs which link the primitive locomotive of the nineteenth century to the modern locomotive type”. Richard Gibbon, former curator of engineering at the National Railway Museum.

"A simple loco that was cheap to build and easy to maintain and, within its power range, was capable of hard work; and did work hard”.
Harold Walkley, former locomotive fitter at Abergavenny.

"I should like, in years to come, to be able to look back in incredulity at this ghastly relic of a bygone age!”. un-named contributor to the original appeal fund.

So is it a homely or a ghastly relic?

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