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• Members of the London & North Western Railway Society visit Ingrow during 2004.


Coming Events

For 2013 the engine has been invited to various heritage railways. Further details will be availabe on the Bahamas Locomotive Society website pages. The engine is also expected to be used on the KWVR Vintage Train service during the year. 

At other times the engine will be on view at 'Ingrow Loco'.

The museum is open to visitors most weekends, between 11.00am and 5.00pm, and midweek when the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway are operating a train service (usually school holidays).

During its winter maintenance period, when the engine is likely to be in the workshop, visitors may be able to gain escorted access provided a guide is available and the type of work is conducive to such a visit and within our health and safety policy.  Otherwise progress may be viewed from the museum gallery that overlooks the workshop area.

Party visits are available by arrangement.