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• Removing rivets in the firehole.

• Descaling the inside of the boiler.
• A trial fitting of the boiler throatplate to the foundation ring, prior to welding to the boiler.

• Trial fit of the firebox crown girders on the inner firebox to ensure the spacers beneath the girder are the correct length.

• View looking inside the cylinders and valve chest.


1054 has recently undergone an extensive overhaul in the workshop of the 'Bahamas' Locomotive Society at Ingrow Loco – on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway (KWVR). To read more about the Society, its museum and other locomotives, follow this link, Bahamas.

This overhaul, undertaken by the Society's volunteer members, was supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

As in the majority of steam locomotive overhauls the major feature of the job was work on the boiler. This item consumed the greater portion of the hours and money expended.  Indeed, the total man-hours spent on the whole project was in the order of 14,000, of which more than one-third was consumed during 2011.

The pictures shown here illustrate some of the work undertaken during the overhaul.

The project was completed in October 2011, invited guests attending a ceremony held at the KWVR to view the engine and experience a ride behind it. 

During 2012 the engine has appeared in three of the identities in which it would have been seen during its 72 years of active service.

Early in the year it appeared in its British Railway guise as No.58926, when it took part in two events to mark the last train from Abergavenny to Merthyr of 1958.  These were at the KWVR in February, and the Llangollen Railway during April. During the summer it reverted to LNWR No.1054, depicting a condition it was most likely last seen during the early 1920s.  In September it took on its former LMS identity, when it was renumbered as 7799 complete with LMS insignia.  In this manner it attended both the Severn Valley Railway and the KWVR galas.

The engine is due to return to its LNWR lined passenger livery during the winter of 2012/13.


The Coal Tank as LMS No.7799, at Ingrow with a Keighley & Worth Valley Vintage Train in October 2012.